"Asociación Para la Promoción de la Partería en Guatemala"

Is a non-profit (NGO) midwife cooperative association (co-op) created in Guatemala to support and assist trained midwives in the field by providing a sense of community for its members. Its members are the students and graduates of "Asociación Corazón del Agua" the midwife school.

-How the co-op supports its members-

The Students

The students spend 2 months at school followed by their return home to their remote villages for 1 month. This is repeated 4 times yearly. At home they do the practicum part of their education by working with their sponsoring midwife attending to pregnant women and delivering babies. The co-op will arrange to purchase needed disposables and place these in the students luggage to take back to their villages. Funds provided by this website will support the co-op in this part of its mission. 

The Graduates

The graduate midwives have returned to their remote villages to begin their profession. Most do not have the financial resources to purchase the diagnostic tools they desperately need. The co-op will organize three 3-day weekends each year where the graduates will gather at a venue near the school. These round-table discussions will include continuing education and discussions about their experiences in the field. The co-op will purchase and lend these items to the graduates to take home with them after the sessions. The co-op will pay for logging, meals, speaker, and compensate the midwives for their travel expenses.  Funds provided by this website will support the co-op in this part of its mission.

 Reunion held on March 24-27, 2017.