Volcanos at Sunset - Guatemala

Volcanos at Sunset - Guatemala

First Year

Biology: Microbiology, and Parasitology.

Sexual & Reproductive Rights.

Clinical Nutrition

Anatomy & Physiology

Midwifery Techniques

SEcond year

Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy


Herbology, Homeopathy 

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Midwifery Techniques

Lake Atitlan - Guatemala

Lake Atitlan - Guatemala

third year

Applied Psychology of Pregnancy, Birth, & Postpartum.

Postpartum Care of the Mother & Newborn.

Maternal Lactation.

Biostatistics & Epidemiology.

after graduation

The graduates return home to care for women needing their help. Unfortunately, midwifery is not a lucrative profession and most of the women they serve have few resources.  Basic diagnostic tools and supplies are beyond the midwives financial reach. This is where the co-op will  fill a very critical role by providing equipment, supplies, and continuing education.